Do not forget me

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  Resistenti all'acqua

Gold plated 925 silver necklace with lucky charms (adjustable length: 36-38cm)

  • There moon in its first phase it is a symbol of a new beginning.
  • The Sacred Heart it is a symbol of passionate love.
  • There Ladybug it is considered a messenger of happiness. Furthermore, thanks to its red color, it is a symbol of vitality, passion and courage.
  • The four-leaf clover it is a symbol of good luck. Its four leaves represent abundance, health, love and respect.
  • The eye of the devil protects from the evil eye and negative energy.
  • The chili it is a symbol of strength and helps keep away trouble and the evil eye.
  • There hand with horns he resumes the gesture that is superstitiously done to avoid bad luck and trouble.

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